What is considered a page update?

A page update is anytime that a file is opened, changed and saved on the website. Some examples are adding a new hours or prices, adding a calendar event or updating some contact info. Most files for a website rarely need changed and most businesses have very basic updates.

Web pages are a collection of files that are displayed together. Sometimes the web page can be one file but quite often, it consists of many separate files that display together. A very simple example is that often times the top of the page normally known as the header is one file, the main body of a page is another file as well as the footer of the page. The page that displays all of the files at once is also another file which contains a command to display he header file, then display the body file which displays an image file and finally display the footer file. Most pages typically require at least five different files. Depending on the content management system used the files are called images, modules, articles, widgets, templates etc…

It should be noted that images are also files so if we have to change an image size to put it on a page, it is also considered a page update. We don’t recommend a large number of photo albums that must be updated because quite often the images have to be resized to a small size as well as a large size so a 20 picture photo album would be considered 41 page updates: 20 images times 2 plus putting them and the link on the page. We recommend using Facebook for photo albums because we can create a link on a page (one update) which points to the Facebook album. The viewer does not need to be a Facebook member to view the album. Facebook allows any size pictures to be uploaded and many more people are comfortable uploading images to Facebook.

Remember that you and your staff will have a login to the pages to make updates if you so desire.