What if my site is hosted by some other hosting company?

Websites are created so that they can be moved from one hosting company to another.  If your current site is just a one page place-holder, it can just disappear and your new RoserNet site will be active. If your current site is active on another host, you can copy it to your new RoserNet hosting area and begin using it there.  We can move sites but there is a fee depending on the difficulty to move a site. Please contact us first if you are considering moving an active website so that we can investigate the procedures and give you an accurate fee estimate. Read Moving Your Website to RoserNet.

How much do I need to know about creating and maintaining a website?

You don’t really have to know anything other than you know that you need one!  RoserNet will create and maintain your website if you pick any plan that advertises a free website.  You don’t have to do anything except give us new information that you want added to your site. You can concentrate on your business, hobby, or really anything else.  You can keep on doing what is successful for you.

Can my new RoserNet website be viewed on a smartphone?

Yes! All websites created by RoserNet are responsive which means that they are viewable by different devices and screen sizes.  Some information may not show on very small screens and smartphones but that is only to make sure the user gets the most information in the most efficient manner no matter what device they are using.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes!  You can cancel at any time and you will not be charged from the cancellation date forward.  Unfortunately, if your order has been processed your first month’s fees are not refundable since the domain registrars require immediate payment.

Will I be charged immediately when I agree to continue?

No! All orders are processed manually by RoserNet so you can easily cancel if you accidentally investigate possibilities too far into the process.  If you do want to cancel before your order gets processed by us, call us at 817-274-8863 or email us at support@rosernet.com and let us know that you don’t want to proceed.  You can read our New Order Process article.